I am glad you stopped by! My name is Katie Klopp and I am a multi-passionate creative with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Reluctant to leave the ocean breeze, I now serve the same university as the Information Technology Administration Manager. By combining my interests in making designs and researching business trends and leadership methods, I am able to creatively problem solve and actively engage the people I work with. This mix of passions has shown me that technology – especially websites – allow businesses to express their brand and share resources through marketing in accessible and interactive interface.

Quick list of areas important to who I am:

  • Podcast Junky – likely listening to The Tim Ferriss Show by Timothy Ferriss or How I Built This by Guy Raz, at this very moment
  • Health Seeker – nothing beats getting outside – from going on weekend hikes with my dog or beach yoga with friends, count me in
  • Business Nerd – discussing and creating ways build businesses with friends; attending professional events to better my self personally and professionally; reading books – one of my favorites is Good to Great by Jim Collins (the Hedgehog Concept is so simple and genius)

Keep reading to learn more about my background and how it has shaped who I am today.

My Curiosity has Taken Me Across the Globe

Although I lack an accent, I am originally a southern belle, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating high school, I ventured to the West Coast to settle in Malibu, California. There I was captivated by the magenta sunsets contrasted against the sparkling blue ocean, but after my first year, I was eager to travel once again. So I flew back East over my hometown, to Florence, Italy where I studied abroad for eight months. I ate the best carbs known to mankind, explored the detailed history of the city, and became accustomed to the Italian culture. My excitement for travels in Europe came back with me to the US, as I’ve been visiting friends and family from the rainy and lush Pacific Northwest to eating gumbo and jamming out to jazz in New Orleans, and exploring and capturing the essence of so many more diverse wonders within my own country. All the while, I am beyond happy to be based out of the land of dreamers in sunny Los Angeles.

My Passion for Creative Arts

ScanScan 1Ever since I was a child, I always enjoyed creating art pieces and actively using my imagination. I still make art a priority as an adult because I enjoy having a creative outlet regardless of my circumstances. This challenged me to become more observant of the world around me and creatively approach varying situations.  Despite my degree in business, I have taken additional art courses over the years, to keep my creativity growing. Now I have taken my artistic abilities to a digital platform where I have created graphics for friends, school, and work, and use social media to market my work.